I find it intriguing that many people – including those who have had people lie to give them references that helped them get ahead – act self righteously and counsel others not to use fake references. They point to it being morally wrong, even though their morals didn’t prevent them from accessing fake job references or fake work references, fake landlord references / fake rental history, fake alibi service, or other fake reference services for that matter when they themselves needed the fake reference service to improve their lives. Some who’ve never used fake references point to themselves as people who got ahead on their own and counsel others to do the same. What these latter self righteous people would never admit is that it is actually because they were able to get good jobs after school – or good internships – that provided them with the necessary work experience they needed to be financially sound and have access to good housing, and a good life in general, that is why they never utilized fake employment references, but if push had come to shove and their life was going downhill, and a good reference could get them a great job and housing, and thus an enhanced social life, they would be the first in line to seek fake reference services.

Do not let people make important life decisions for you that keep you poor, miserable, and unhappy, you should love yourself enough to do things that will enhance your life. One of what people point to as reasons you shouldn’t get fake reference is you could get caught and be fired by the company, as can be seen in Tom’s post on Quora: ““. Let’s analyse this. So you get caught. Before you get caught, you’d have acquired experience you can use to get other good or even better jobs. You just don’t use the last company as a reference, since they’ll likely tell potential employer callers why they fired you, you use a fake reference company, and since your work quality would be enhanced due to the work experience you acquired from the last company, your boss would be less likely to want to fire you even if it comes to light that you faked your employment reference(s). You also do not want to gamble by using someone who might give you bad reference. As can be seen in and the original sites and, in a study that was carried out,

  • 80% of the 2,494 hiring managers and human resource professionals surveyed said they do contact references when evaluating a job candidate; 16% contact references before they even set up an interview.
  • 62% said that when they contacted a reference listed on an application, the reference didn’t have good things to say about the job candidate.
  • 69% said they have changed their minds about hiring a job candidate based on the input received from a reference.
  • 47% said they had a less favorable opinion of the job candidate after speaking to a reference; just 23% reported having a more favorable opinion.

References are very important; thus getting good references is paramount. Always keep in mind the life you want and the steps you need to take to obtain that life. The truth is if you are honest about your inexperience and don’t get the job, chances are the person who would get that job would be someone who lied to get that job, or someone who lied to get their previous job and have acquired the experience they need to get the current job. Or if you use a genuine reference and don’t get the job, ask yourself if using a genuine reference was worth losing the job.

No one can decide for you if you should utilize fake references, and as this quora user said in ““, if you fail to fake your job and get the fake work reference, fake letter of recommendation, fake landlord reference / fake housing history reference, fake alibi, fake reference check, and other fake references you need to have a great life, then you are responsible for your sub-par life. Keep this in mind.

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