We provide you with the affordable fake reference, fake landlord reference, fake employment reference (including fake salary so you can appear to have the requisite income to get the housing), and white lies you need to get a fantastic place to rent.



Do you need fake references, fake employment reference, or fake landlord reference / fake housing rental reference to get a good place to rent? Are you having difficulty getting quality places to rent because you have bad rental history? no rental history? earn below the required or preferred income? Worry no more, we are here to assist you. We provide you with the affordable fake reference / fake references,  fake landlord reference, fake employment reference, and white lies you need to get a fantastic place to rent.


The following is included in every Landlord Reference package:

  1. We will assume the role of a past or current landlord, rental agency staff, work supervisor, or HR personnel, and provide unlimited references for you to all the organizations that call for references during the period you pay for (with the exception of courts, and the other exceptions listed on our website). 

  2. A free local number for any Canadian or United States city you choose.

  3. Each landlord/rental agency/company-employed-with number comes with your fake landlord’s personal phone number, or the fake rental agency or employed company’s, voicemail.

  4. A call summary of what we discussed with each reference caller.

              Extra Services

  1. Fake Organization Website: Cost vary depending on the requirements, but a basic website costs only $90. 
  2. You are given as much time as you need to create the fake story we will use. After you have submitted your story/script and the scheme has been setup, you may still contact us unlimited times to make changes to the story. However, each time you make changes to the story post scheme setup, the cost is $30. 

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