We help clients enhance their happiness by helping clients get out of jams through providing clients with the fake alibi and white lies clients need.

To ensure clients do not abuse this service and have us call or receive calls from a gazillion people to furnish clients with fake alibis, this price is to provide false alibis to 5 people only. Meaning you can have us make or receive calls to up-to-5 people from your personal life, work life, etc, for the listed price. If you have less than 5 people that we need to provide false alibi to, the cost remains as listed. If you have more than 5 people that we need to provide fake alibi to, choose the number of items that will cover that. So for instance, if you have 16 people on your list, choose 4 item. 1 item for each 5 people. Please call us if you require more information before making choices.

Please choose only one Item in FIRST MONTH and choose SUBSEQUENT MONTHS if you need our service for more than one month. You can add one or more extra months in the subsequent month section, by clicking and adding to cart as many months as you need.

Please contact us before choosing our product(s) to ensure we can provide the service you require.



Are you in a little bit of a jam and need someone to give you a fake alibi in-order for you to get out of that jam? Do you need a fake alibi for the time you spent (or plan to spend in the future) away from your spouse or family? or a little white-lie or fake alibi to explain why you took time off work, or need to take time off work in the future? Well worry no more and give us a call. With the exception of lying to court officials, law enforcement, and similar officials, as well as other cases we consider worthy of exception, we will provide you with false alibis or fake alibis to get you out of a jam, within the constraint of our Terms of Service.

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