Fake Reference Yes or No?

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One time I was so desperate for a job that I acted as my own professional reference. Here is what I did:

I applied and was interviewed at a large company and after being told that I was a strong candidate they asked for my professional references. I gave them one legitimate one, my brother (who I said was an ex supervisor) and myself using a fake name.

I set up a Google voice voice mail account for my fake reference and had a friend do the message giving the impression that they had reached a direct line office number at one of my old employers. I reality that man had passed away, so I just took over his identity.

When the called some joker in Human Resources, who I never met before, called and left a message for my fake person. I called them back using a special Caller ID Spoof calling card so it seemed like the call was coming from my old employer. I, acting as my old boss (was was actually dead) gave myself a wonderful professional reference. I got the job and am still working there today four years later.

My brother did a good job at being a fake reference too.

Was this genius or devious?

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/job-search/1415925-anyone-act-their-own-professional-reference.html#ixzz5lHT2mnnS”

I came across the writing above on city data forum. It elucidated yet again the benefits and necessity of fake references. The writer improved his life by using fake reference to get a job that as of the time he wrote the above, he’d been working at for about 4 years. If he didn’t use fake references, he’d probably have been plunging through life at a subpar job, resentful of never having access to good opportunities. But this writer recognized we must seize opportunities when they became available else we have ourselves to blame for not having taken the plunge. Of course you could get caught and not get the job, but chances are you would’t have gotten the job with the bad fake reference or n0 reference you have anyway. But by using fake reference, though risky, when done right, it generally enhances ones chance of getting jobs. The writer’s question is: Was this devious or genius? I believe his actions were both devious and genius. You tell a white lie once and that lie enhances the rest of your life, that’s a good call to me. We all lie, that is the truth. Of course some like me try to limit their lies to only when it will improve things, improve lives, and when lying is necessary, etc. But we all lie. So why not tell a little bit of lie and improve your life? Think about it. Of course the issue with using yourself as your reference is the employer could recognize your voice and that will end your potential career with them. Another problem with using informal fake reference is the fake reference does not know to – or have the ability to – take certain actions that ensure the employer does not know you are using a fake reference. For instance, by ensuring each of our clients fake employer #s have auto-attendant, authenticity is added, and it enhances the chance of the client believing the fake company is genuine.

If you need to fake-your-job by getting fake employment references, or if you need fake landlord reference; fake alibi; white lies; or a fake reference check on past bosses, coworkers, landlords, etc (to hear if they will give you a favourable reference), we are here to furnish you with the reference to get what you want. The choice to call or email us (at effectivefakereferenceservicesandalibis@gmail.com) and improve your life is yours.

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