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With affordable $30 to $60 monthly plans that allow unlimited calls and emails from potential employers or landlords, Fake Reference Fake Alibi (FRFA) also known as Effective Fake Reference Service & Alibi (EFRSA) exists to help clients regain control of their lives by giving clients the employment reference,  alibi, fake reference check, and landlord reference clients need to get good jobs and housing, and to get out of jams.

Have you had prior experience where you felt you were just one more client to the fake reference company you contacted, and they weren’t invested in your success? FRFA is different. At FRFA, we take reasonable steps to ensure the fake employment reference, fake landlord reference, reference check, and fake alibi services we provide for you is effective. We are well educated and have post secondary school education. We provide references for clients from all over the United States and Canada, at an affordable cost, and across many fields: Business, law, IT, Health Sciences, and engineering, among others. This includes white collar jobs, blue collar jobs, etc. We research your future job position and know what experience we need to say you obtained while working in your fake previous company. 


  • Employment Reference: Do you need to fake your job? We provide you with the fake references you need to fake your job, both those in the past, and present. That is we give you the fake employment reference or fake work history you need to assist you get a great job (For more info please click: https://fake-references.wixsite.com/fake-reference/fake-employment-reference. And to sign up for this service please call or email us.
  • Landlord Reference: If you have bad rental history, no rental history, earn below the required or preferred income, or such, we give you great fake references to ensure you get a good place to rent.
    (For more info please click: https://fake-references.wixsite.com/fake-reference/fake-landlord-reference). And to sign up for this service please call or email us.
  • Reference Check on Current or Past Bosses or Landlord or Coworker: We pretend to be an organization or landlord that is considering hiring you or offering you quality housing to rent, and call your boss/coworker(s)/landlord for references about you, tell you what they say about you, so you can decide if you should use them as a reference or not (For more info please click on: https://fake-references.wixsite.comfake-reference/reference-check).
    And to sign up for this service please call or email us.
  • Alibi / White Lies / False Alibi: With some exceptions, we provide you with false alibis and white-lies to get you out of jams (For more info please click: https://fake-references.wixsite.com/fake-reference/fake-alibi). 
  • Extra Services: Fake Website, Fake Pay-Stubs, Fake Reference Letter / Fake Letter of Recommendation, Fake Letter of Verification / Fake (Employment) Verification Letter, and Fake Lease Agreement.
  • **All Fake Reference and Alibi plans come with a FREE NUMBER FOR YOUR FAKE REFERENCE, WITH AN AREA CODE OF YOUR CHOICE.** **All Fake Alibi and Fake Reference Service plans have a SAME DAY or NEXT BUSINESS DAY SETUP TIME. With the only exception being the fake website which requires more time to setup.**

Having good references and prepping properly so your employer does not find out you’re using fake reference is very important, as can be see in https://www.totaljobs.com/insidejob/are-references-important/ and http://www.aarc.org/careers/career-advice/resume-writing/references-important-think/, where the latter website’s author said:

  • In their study, 80% of the 2,494 hiring managers and human resource professionals surveyed said they do contact references when evaluating a job candidate; 16% contact references before they even set up an interview. 62% said that when they contacted a reference listed on an application, the reference didn’t have good things to say about the job candidate. 69% said they have changed their minds about hiring a job candidate based on the input received from a reference. 47% said they had a less favorable opinion of the job candidate after speaking to a reference; just 23% reported having a more favorable opinion.

We aim to work with you to provide services – that will enhance your life – at an affordable price. Please email or call us today so we can discuss which service is the right service for you. Our services are listed in the “Shop | Choose Package” page. Please contact us before choosing any package. Please read our terms of service in the More Pages: Terms of Service page, as they apply to every service we provide. Thank you.

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